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by The Split Infinitives

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ALBUM NUMBER NINE!!!! Hope you enjoy this. It's the closest I'll get to a pop album, I think.

A note on the lyrics: Some of them might not match up, in terms of what is on the record, and what the lyrics read as on the site. Though I typed out all of my lyrics when making the album, I may have sung them slightly differently. Any discrepancies that exist should be minor.


released February 24, 2015

Brian Adkins - guitars, drums
Holden Martinson - vocals, guitars, drums, bass, keys, production, engineering, mixing, artwork



all rights reserved


The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: Olympian
You’re an olympian
You’re a legend in the making
You’re a sheer natural
I’ve been in love with you lately

I want to take you off your pedestal
I think you’re more than a role
I had to meet you at some point
I had to bridge some gap, or fill some void
Track Name: Old Rabbit
I’m waiting outside of our school
After some game, under a full moon
I had a feeling you’d be waiting here too
Now I think maybe you’ll show up soon
And maybe you won’t

I know the patterns
But nothing else matters

And if you’re avoiding me tonight
I wish you’d say so, ‘cause that’d be fine

People are pouring away from the bleachers
Most are kids, though some are parents and teachers
And I’m trying to make out their features
On their faces, and nothing seems worse
Than stupidly missing yours

And if you’re also looking for my face
I hope you see me, that you come my way

And soon there’s nobody left
I would say you were gone, if I had to guess
I deeply exhale a disappointed breath
Drawing it out subtly, praying to be proven wrong then
I hear my name
And my heart escalates
Track Name: Playing the Show
I remember last night
I was playing the show
I remember being invincible
Before the lights went low

We were doing our songs
Songs that we wrote
They’re not very good
But we write the best songs we know

No one’s even listening
And they can forget, but I won’t forget
We’re not the only act in this city
That they will forget, that we won’t forget

I remember hearing my voice
On the other end of a microphone
And I was embarrassed
Until I got used to the tone

But it was good enough for last night
When we were playing the show
I was not any less invincible
Not even as the lights went low
Track Name: Eden
I've seen you else before
I've met you before, haven't I?
It's buzzing in me, keeping me bright
I'm at the helm, and I don't know if I'm alive

But I'm meeting you on the other end
Leaving the lakes, and heading out west
It's no different now, but somehow, after a hundred seasons
I always find myself coming back to Eden

So, I'm taking my favorite things
And my best attributes will stay with me
'Cause I am older, and I can carry anything on my shoulders
And I will find you, as I'm going forward

And in a teenage film ending
As the new wave anthem is cued, we're unsteady
Both vulnerable, and both ready for the rest of our youth
And the final frame cuts to written and directed by John Hughes
Track Name: Songs for Summertime
I want to watch the country fly
Through car windows, on either side
I want to fall asleep on the glass
As the hours and surroundings slowly pass
I want to wake at a stop off the highway
To stretch my weary arms and tired legs
I want to see summertime
Like growing brown eyes

I can’t wait to feel dirt and sand
Forming on my feet, and spilling from my hands
I can’t wait to go with friends
Scouring the grounds for girls until our faces are red
I can’t wait to scale canyon walls
Or swim through the frigid basin of those invisible falls
I can’t wait to see summertime
Like growing brown eyes

I’ll miss being in Gene’s cab
Listening to pop songs, and making those guys laugh
I’ll miss crowd-sourcing the riddles of real life
Around a wavering fire near the water late into the night
I’ll even miss it when we drive back home
And we reminisce about experiences we’ll all know
I’ll miss seeing summertime
Like growing brown eyes

I bet you look nice
Under stringed lights
On a July evening
In eighty degree heat
In your normal clothes
As your hair flows
With an easy breeze
Rustling the tops of trees

I bet the way you dance
Would leave me in a trance
And time would almost stop
Just enough that you would not
Quit twisting and unfolding
I’d watch the whole thing
Unable to take my eyes
Away from your sight

I bet the way you think
Could change the way I see
The world around me
Or help me sleep soundly
Each word the foundation
For new revelation
Maybe about life itself
Or even you as well

I bet you could do better
That me getting it together
And asking you to take
A minute with me, if that’s okay
Even if I’m a nervous
Wreck who can’t get the right word in
If this isn’t out of line
Perhaps you’ll be kind

I bet I could move on
If that’s what you want
But I’m going too fast
You don’t even have reason to ask
I’m just watching from afar
Under blooming bulbs, surrounded by dark
I’m waiting to be crushed
Because I long for so much
Track Name: Someone's Darling
I’m in love with Mary
But I’m sure she barely
Registers my presence
My love for her never lessens

And every time I see her, I think
“You’ve got your new face there”
Take me seriously for a minute

I know I miss her
And should be a more frequent visitor
More often than I’m wont to be
She’ll be someone’s darling

Oh, Mary, she’s just getting to know the world
Track Name: Scipio
My great grandpa Gordon was born in Scipio
But I was there when we spread his ashes with a can of coke
Right after his funeral up on a cliff with his kids
My grandma and her brothers in the middle of August

He lived in Alaska with his second wife
Settling there for years before he died
Of all the different places he lived
He now rests next to the plot where his mother is

My great grandpa Gordon can be found in Scipio
He was buried there when I was nine years old
Sometimes I find myself passing through
Scipio seems frozen in time, at least from my view
Track Name: Bree's with Me
I’ll find a job that pays, one that I can tolerate
I’ll go back to school, and focus on my grades

But I’m falling in love with Salt Lake every day
And Ross and Rachel take care of me, and I can’t complain

I’m seeing my siblings grow up, and it’s strange
To me, they’re insane, was I even that way at that age?

My mom and dad are still around, supportively
And I’ve got a little bit of time to sort things out, indeed

And, after all, my best friend Bree’s with me
Everything around me happens so quickly

And I love Bree, my family, and all of my drifting friends
And I’ll still love by the time I see them next