.​.​.​And the Euphoric Haze

by The Split Infinitives

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released November 7, 2013

Holden Martinson: guitars, bass, vocals, drums, looping, sampling, mixing, production, artwork



all rights reserved


The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: Repeat/Rewire
I've put you together
So you will forever
Stay special in how I perceive you
Store bought and derived
From movies and songs I like
Some part of what I know from them has to be true

I do this all of the time
Repeat, rewire
And I am unafraid
Of being completely unchanged

I've got it together
I'll stay this way forever
Mechanical and without compromise
Self-made and maintained
My parts are the same
As the day I came into my own life

What does that even mean?
They' just sound like words we're supposed to believe
Mechanical and without compromise
As the day I came into my own life

Repeat, rewire
Descend and expire
Live free of ire
Or rest in the fire
Track Name: No Time Wasted
On the other side of the door
Is the blunt sound of my knuckles
Letting the room know they have one more
To witness the night unfold

Circles of strangers become temporary friends
At least not long before the sun ascends

But we trade quip for wit
And send repetitious sirens into
Paper thin barriers of brick
Until we say we have to call it quits soon

Between our newfound allies
We say we'll talk to beyond that night

And if we awake unswayed
In the glow of morning, real late
In solidarity of unfocused faces
Whose clarity knows no time wasted
Track Name: Revolution
Who remembers where we began
I tip my hat to the girl if she can
I swear the dots on the ceiling are stars
But he two could not be further without dark

The only revolution that we're a part of
Is the one rounding the rays above

But if we stare into each other
Both side to side, or one under
We will uncover what nobody knows
What no one else could ever sow
From another person
And we can be certain
Track Name: Bugging Desire
You tell me all about your day
Because I'm your secret star, you have so much to say
Until you've wasted so much of the next one
That the previous rotation has been long done

So leave me to rest uneasy
And finished with feeling

I know so much about you
You're an idiot, but somehow prove
That you're beautiful when you're so honest
This detail, I'm so cursed with luck that I caught it

I'm too frayed and tired
For some bugging desire
Track Name: Falling Into the Sea
I breathe in the mist
Make one last wish
I look to my side
Everything will be all right
Twenty toes on the edge
Four heels are left
We'll mock gravity
From the last lands we leave

I will take care of everything
If you're falling into the sea

You pass the breeze through your throat
Hope so much you don't choke
You look to your side
Everything will be all right
There is no fire to catch us
But we know no bad luck
Two pairs become one
Forward motion and plunge

Our bodies are weightless
As if we are sedated
And I peak through to find
You're nowhere in sight
Yet, my palm is still held
By a soul I know well
I would condemn the steps I've taken
But where I was supposed to be, I've made it

And I have waited the longest time
To keep this promise of mine
Track Name: Harboring
The door was open, and the room vacant
With an emptiness that was perfectly stated

Leaving my head is in a cloud
And I'm starting to choke aloud

But from behind, I felt presses next to my ear
Spinning on my heel, who else should appear?

Our arms slowly clutch
The backs of the bodies they touch

This is everything
Worth harboring
Track Name: Acrobatic
Together we spend
Hours with each other to no end
As if we're alone
And we are alone

Your fingers on my shoulder
Acting out like we're older
But we're for ourselves
We are by ourselves

Fringe landscapes emanate
Beyond my sheets that we've draped
Around us
And only us

Like unharnessed static
We become automatic
As some unseen force of habit
We're elegantly acrobatic
As if we're alone
And we are alone
Track Name: Closer
How pleasing to me
It is to see
Such satisfying unity
So infallibly amazed
I am by the euphoric haze
That now consumed my days

And know that it is true
When I say I love you
When I say that I love you

Though I've watched the passage of many moons
You have not come too soon