In an Empty Room, In the Wide World

by The Split Infinitives

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Here's a hearken back to our roots, I guess? More acoustic guitar. Older songs re-recorded. Songs co-written by Brian and me. That kind of thing.


released March 6, 2017

Brian Adkins - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums
Holden Martinson - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, bells, strings, flutes, organs, mixing, engineering, artwork



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The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: In an Empty Room
I knock on your apartment door
Was it me that you were waiting for?
I lift you in my arms and whirl you around
We lock into one, as I set you down
We watch so many films together
And we’re of the same feather
I can’t quell my sense of disbelief
That I’m here with you, that you’re here with me

I want you, I want you, I want you
And I have, since I first saw you
Because when we’re on, I know we’re really on

That was so many months ago
I spend my days sedentary, on my own
I throw myself into my work
On occasion, I forget I’m hurt
But you ask me to be near
So, I promise that I’m always right here
Even when it ruins my mind
And when I don’t know how to be kind


And sometimes I say the exact wrong thing
Sometimes I give the opposite of what you need
Know that I don’t let go of my errors and slips
If I can’t unfuck up, I won’t lose my grip
Because loneliness is a curse
Because nowadays, an empty room is worse
And I’m not holding onto hope
But you and I both know

Track Name: Anyone
Can’t you hear the sounds
Of an overflowing planet all around?
There’s not a thing not going on
And a couple more that are going wrong
That faint echo in the atmosphere
Going in and out of both my ears
I’m deaf to all of it, and blind to most
I see you now, and wouldn’t you know?

I don’t have eyes for anyone
I don’t even like most anyone
You could be anyone
You should be anyone
But you’re not just anyone

Can’t we walk by the bridge
Stop halfway, and settle for a minute
Can’t we find that small clearing
The end of the golden hour is nearing
Can’t we wander through the ruins
Sometime this afternoon at the soonest
Let me capture you, if you would
Before this light is gone for good

Can’t we stall our parting
This evening of ours is just starting
Can’t we sway to the beat
Of a slow song put on repeat
Can’t we wax and wane
To a rhythm that doesn’t change
You pick the cadence and signature
I’ll follow your lead at every turn
Track Name: La Jetée
In my visions, you’re so clear
I always find you on the pier
One frame, you’re in sight
Staring towards the skyline

And then I’m gone too soon
But I always come back to you

In my present, you linger
Your wind-struck silhouette seaward
In a moment I’m meant for
Like I’m the sentimental sort


You stare out to the ocean, just out of reach
You are the waves, farther than you seem

Track Name: Signs of Spring
I want to find you in the street
Under a humming halo-like beam
I want to be a sign of spring
As your perfect feel-good film[ ending

Is that something you might want?

I want to wake to you every day
In our own quiet, shared space
I want to think of you when you’re away
And rush home to see your face

Is that something you could want?

I want to watch every show together
When you’re sick, I’ll help you get better
I want to live with you by my side
We can be as boring or exciting as you’d like

I want to know everything you want
Track Name: Boy in a Band
I’ve got a love that doesn’t take
That doesn’t make any mistakes
That’s always real
All I know is how you make me feel

Like every boy in a band before me
I’m bound to become an off-hand story
That’ll be me, won’t it?
All I can do is live in the moment

You can’t stop me from being afraid
I’ll try to trust you, in any case

I catch your eye once in a while
You don’t speak, and you don’t smile
But you’re with me means
All I know is you’re here willingly
Track Name: Alastor
Our days were wine and roses
Our nights are remembered well
Dizzy, drunk, and cut up
By autumn, we swiftly fell

We tie each other down by the wrists
Loading springs underneath
Am I deaf to the sounds of us in fits
Eyes closed, barely able to breathe

What is there to say of silence?
Must I listen to my own thoughts?
Don’t let me alone with myself
With my losses, and unsatisfied wants


You’re no longer aware
And I find I barely care
Split into separate pairs
Are you still there?
Track Name: You Say Things Change
Your scent still lingers
On belongings you left behind
I tighten my fingers
Around them, for a time

It took a while to let go

I keep a picture I paid for
Of us from three winters ago
In a box of cards and letters
Some of which you wrote

Certain pieces, they can’t yet go

I called you a liar
That may have been a mistruth
You say things change
Mae once mine, maybe they do

You were right, and you ought to know
Track Name: In the Wide World
Can I unwrite my bitter voice?
Vitriol committed to celluloid?
Darling no longer, no longing
No envy, no anger haunts me
Knowing you’re out there
Somewhere in the wide world

Are you a mother like you wanted?
Keeping their young souls honest?
I know your man treats you right
Far better than I tried

Are you close to God now?
Making your family proud?
Closer to heaven than ever
From afar, you’ve made me better
Knowing you’re out there
Somewhere in the wide world

With a werewolf like me roaming free
Who hunted so long for your blood
I come down with the moonlight through the trees
Bearing witness to the damage I’ve done
Is that who I am out there
Somewhere in the wide world?

I have so much to tell you
So many apologies to make
That I’ll keep to myself
For your felicity’s sake
Knowing you’re out there
Somewhere in the wide world
Track Name: The Moon
I’m surrounded
By Lighthouses
By my lonesome
My atonement
And soon
We’ll regroup on the moon
On the belly of a rabbit
By force of habit

A Greek chorus
Now sings for us
We fulfill our wishes
As near misses
But soon
We’ll regroup on the moon
On the belly of a rabbit
By force of habit

I’m not gonna give up on you
Even when it’s hard not to

Following the plan
You offer your hand
A show of the simplest
Kind of forgiveness
And soon
We’ll regroup on the moon
On the Belly of a rabbit
By force of habit
Track Name: Before They Come for Us
The burning skies blacken
The rolling hills from afar
With bears in midair
We dance in pitch dark
One hand takes the other
They hold and never break
They’ll join in good time
Distant sisters in their way

Let us move in the night
In the desert, in the forest
Before we’re buried alive
Before they come for us

Our bodies spread apart
On the hillside, as waves
Of light spill from the horizon
The soft glow of a new day
As I wake, my fingers sweep
Through your delicate locks
Your head on my beating heart
That might never stop
Track Name: Winter's Lullaby
Seasons change
Time obliterates
People you love and know
They come and go

Sing with me tonight
Sing a winter’s lullaby
Leave the old in unison
Ushering the newest in