Inversion Verses

by The Split Infinitives

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Here's an album about finding comfort in trying times.


released December 14, 2016

Holden Martinson: vocals, synthesizers, pianos, drums, programing, looping, artwork



all rights reserved


The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: Always Someone
There’s always a covered body sleeping
In the service corridor in the evening
Who’s still there as I get off the train
In the morning, a little after eight

There’s always someone
Where I am

There’s always a blinking red light
Sometimes it comes overnight
Calling in sick for their shift
Real or not, I’ve got to roll with it

There’s always a bored staffer
Who takes their break plus a few minutes after
It’s hard to care for long
No one’s here, nothing’s going on

Track Name: I Fall in Love
Courthouse on seemed so vast
The city got so small, so fast
And in winter the atmosphere freezes
Enough to spread airborne diseases
From person to person
And the inversion will worsen
Though, at it’s best
It’s rather picturesque

I’ve got on my heaviest coat
Zipped and buttoned to my throat
As I quicken my pace
On my way to work from main
As snow falls, I curse it
Getting snowed in seems certain
Though, I’m a little torn
By then, I’ll be safe and warm

I fall in love with a downpour
Stay up all night, watching the same storm
I fall in love with a change in seasons
For dim street lights and icy winds
Track Name: We've Got Plans
We’ve got all night
We’ve got all day
We’ve got plans
Sometimes plans change

I’m ready whenever you are
Take your time, you’re not far

We’ve got all week
We’ve really got all year
We’ve got plans
Even if the direction isn’t clear
Track Name: Lights
You won’t look me in the eye
You’re not taking much of your time
Every motion’s a courtesy
You’re moving further east

I thought seeing the lights
Would make something right

You don’t have anything to say
As I take you to your southbound train
You don’t want to be around me
I’ve already asked quietly and loudly
Track Name: Sinking
My eyes open to white
I can’t tell where the skies
And where the ground meet
So, I’m falling back asleep

I begin
To sink in
To my sheets
Dream or no dream

Next I see deep blue
Darkening my entire room
I haven’t eaten today
I wasn’t hungry anyway

I weaken
And sink in
Into my head
Still in bed

Did I have things to get done
Any particular errands to run
There’s always tomorrow
Maybe I can do it all from home

I sink in
Track Name: Morning
Windows like lightbulbs
Another day old
6AM, sun’s peeking through
Dressed and out the front door
The morning’s too radiant to ignore
Today, today will new

Celestial bodies turn out
In favor of ours
As our town remains
Butterflies hibernate
In my stomach, they ache
Boy, is it a strain

I came for what I said
And I left without even a thread
My constructions are destructive
Never once too reluctant

The morning is a blessing, though
Be it so, so will tomorrow
Track Name: One Day in Summer
We made a date for later in the day
Out of the hospital, my brain’s not straight
I can’t quite recall how I usually think
Sticking to the dosage the doctor gave me
All of a sudden
This isn’t what you had in mind, was it?

Please forgive me, if you can
I’m not quite composed, like I usually am
See passed this evening, if you can
I’m freer form tonight than I usually am

We’ve been talking for a long time
Nothing serious or particularly worthwhile
I hate for you to meet me like this
Zoning in and out, manic and lifeless
All of a sudden
This isn’t what you had in mind, was it?


I’m sorry I’m not anyone else
Right now
I’m a little too much of myself
Right now
Thanks for this one day of summer in December
I’ll make if up to you, if I can remember

Track Name: Canyon Duality
In the canyon
Nothing happens
Me and these strangers
I fear we’re in danger
Of driving through the guard rail
Into the mountainside

On the median
There are three of them
Crossing state street
Though maybe
They’ll be struck down by
A speeding vehicle in a second flat

In the morning
Giving no warning
There’s traffic
I could wreak havoc

Instead, I turn around
Instead, I go home
And for this moment
I ought to be alone

The day is gonna come
So, there’s no need to rush anything
Track Name: Blue Line
I thrive inside the silver-lining spark
The modern-minded heart apart
From the God-fearing friends and families
I’ve lately found myself fiercely battling
There are lively Trump/Pence protests
From the young boiled blood on the left
On the edge of downtown, blocking 4th south
On the bus to work I can hear them shout

They’re gonna die down in the following months
You’ve done all you can if you’ve done it at least once

I’m on the blue line after closing
My co-worker’s reading across from me
There’s a woman in the corner
And a man coming towards her
She’s buttoned up all over, by herself
He doesn’t want to anybody else
She seems polite from afar
Looking for a way to the back car

This ought to just die, but he won’t let it
She’s doing fine on her own, but I almost want to step in

I’m off the streetcar on fifth east
My place is just between 21st and 17th
It’s really dark from the station to my house
I never know what trouble could be around
I never have a problem, I still worry
To the residents watching, I’m always in a hurry
By the time I’m by St. Joseph’s, I can breathe
There’s no urgency at my door, fumbling with my keys

And I say hello to my uncle aunt, if they’re awake
I’ve got to be at work in the morning around eight.