Minor Endeavors, Endless Progress

by The Split Infinitives

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This is another story, but about first loves, and suffering through it.


released May 29, 2013

Holden Martinson: vocals, guitar, pianos, upright bass, cello, fiddle, violins, erhu, mallets, percussion, drums SFX, organs, dulcimer, sitar, whistles, flutes, trumpets, sampling, looping, production

All lyrics and songs written by Holden Martinson, with exception of "James Stewart/Telephone," which was co-written by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins.



all rights reserved


The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: Waltz
When I met you
I'd learned to waltz
But you and I still swayed
Out of time
When I danced
With your hands in mine
I didn't know how I'd melt
Or how I'd lost my mind

To you
I'll be like no one else
To you
I could be put back upon a shelf

My memory lies sometimes
When I don't try
I lose in sight

I waited so long
To look like an excitable mess
And how you'd
Be lovely anyway
And as soon as I did
I'd never known a greater victory
Than making you laugh
With stupid things I'd say

To you
I might be like no else
To you
I think we'd go well

Let's box step
See how far it gets
Give it time
Like I did mine
Track Name: -30-
Return your devices
If you're starting to not like this
Let the wrong side go
I'll bet last night shows

There's no need to be concerned
Given what did not occur

So, I cave, chewing parts of my mouth
Up until I'm told what this is about
Twisting my fingers for extra luck
Curling into an unwinding amuck

I'll unravel and collapse
When a heart fades from my grasp
Home alone, I'll shake up a riot
The only bones, and they're rattling in the quiet

And it came to a shock
When I'd not noticed an unlock

I'd always rearrange
To match your undying age

Anything that may
Help me keep your love another day
Track Name: Underwater, Walking
What lies below blue bodies
Lurking, sand on sole echoes softly
Men muted, quickly talking
Breathing underwater, walking

FIll up your lungs
While you are young

Caverns will eat you in slow motion
So follow the bottom of the ocean

There is plenty that will swallow you whole
Track Name: Postcards in Shoeboxes
You should know your memory shines
Like the boots I wore to work today
I ought to mention that I still sing songs I wrote to you
Even if the words aren't exactly the same

Our conversations are foggy and all
Kept like postcards in a shoebox as I recall
Every once in a while I'll read them to myself
To remind me that I am now who I was and no one else

And this is one of those things
That is no good to remember

And perhaps I'm desperate
To think that you might give me another second
But otherwise I'd be flattered
Though I suppose it doesn't matter