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Some old songs, some new songs, and really anything that doesn't fit with any other project.


released July 18, 2013



all rights reserved


The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: Night #1
I want to play you old love songs
For you to hear, for your breath
To silently shake, until it's gone
But there's always a little left

That you can build up, then
I can make you lose it again

I want your lungs
To rise and fall still and steady and with care
As I delicately run
My nails in your hair, softer than air

You'll tell me of the minutia of your week
Like they're pins and needles in your toes
And I'll take them one by one as we speak
So your eyes can finally close

Since I have you all to myself
I know I'll always rest well

I want your head
Between my shoulder and cheek
As we sit on your bed
In your room, before we fall asleep

I want your morning lips
Calling me your dear
I want your first kiss
Before our vision is clear
I want these walls
To belong only to us
I want the door to the hall
To always stay shut
Track Name: Spring Break
My building is empty
Everyone has left me
Alone in my room
Or a sepulcher like a living tomb
Killing time for a few days
Before it kills me in its own way
Catch up on old reading
Think of how I miss my friends deeply

I’ve wanted to hear crickets chirping
No one being around is certainly working
To clear the air for their beat
To congregate with the rising heat
As if Spring Break’s a ceremony
That’s still a blessing if you’re the only
Person with whom to celebrate
Vernal rituals as sunlight hours start getting late

Nowhere else to go, and nowhere to be
I send postcards of stagnation from yours truly
And it’s haunting to me, wanting new things
To animate plans in sure need of retooling
Some love adventure, some love an unoccupied space
Waiting for the moment they recognize a familiar name
Enter the mind, and perceive as a friend
But that doesn’t come until the week ends
Track Name: Us
I’m not going to let you down
When there’s no one else around
Darling, we can keep our names
And we won’t have a reason to change
I don’t know what it was
Why I was unsure of so much
Sometimes two hearts
Won’t stay where they are

[refrain, in unison]
If we believe in us
If we believe in our love
Then I don’t know what
We can’t take care of

We can hide away if we need
Somewhere no one else can see
I don’t know why we belong
Or why I’m so frightened of being wrong

[refrain x4, 1st is bree, 2nd is holden, last two are together]

If our separate sights
Are shown what’s right
If our narrow thoughts
Are not for not
If our two hearts
Will stay where they are
Then we will be bound
To whom we’ve found
Track Name: Rich (Demo)
You say those moments in Rich Hall
They were your favorite moments of all
Pushing the couches together
Saying we would be like this forever

Those were our best days

You say dancing to “Our Song”
Watching fireworks from the complex lawn
Sleeping in my twin bed at night
Even though the space was tight

Those were our best days

You say that waiting in the living room
While I had Ethics in the afternoon
Until I walked home from Old Main
Being silly and being in love and being insane

Those were our best days
And I still believe in them
I wish that you could believe in them again
Track Name: Youth and Invention
Look at you
We will take over the world
We are the past age
Croon the blues
All failures march unfurled
Nothing will change

Baron of a new life
Far gone are we now
It's poison in the ear
Fair game to you now

Collect a wage
To pay off assurance by the fortnight
Someone's something proof
On your private rage
Everything will be all right
Someone's something to lose

Bloodletting out on our street
Flooding again above my feet
The luckless live below
The loveless push from their toes
Track Name: December Song
’ve got a billion reasons to stay
Inside in bed for the rest of the day
They’re ruining the streets
Their weight testing limbs of evergreens

But I’ve got somewhere to go

I’m sputtering and tired
And unbelievably inspired
Outside, snow spills into every open space
But being where I am, time just melts away

I could keep on for hours and hours

For the first time in so long, my spirit’s full
The freezing, falling air isn’t even cold
I don’t even bother to button my coat
As I wander on home

Floating, lost in a late-autumn fog
Stepping to the rhythm of this December song