Songs for My Mei

by The Split Infinitives

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The most pop I'll ever do... maybe.


released November 3, 2015

Holden Martinson - vocals, synths, keyboards, pianos, guitars, bass, beats, drums, sampling, looping, programming, mixing, mastering, production, artwork



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The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: Used To
We used to meet on Tuesdays
When I came to Salt Lake
We used to watch movies at the theater on 33rd
And sometimes at the Broadway by Gallivan Center
We used to get breakfast at Ihop
The one next to the 21st south TRAX stop
We used to sing songs over the phone
I’d always hit a few sour notes

Now I give in
To the rhythm
Of change
I can hardly take

I used to tell myself I’d find it in me
To get back to you, when I was ready
I used to think you’d always wait
You used to think I’d come around any day
I used to lean on that, while I took it slow
Trying to figure myself out
You used to be there, but now you want me to let you go
I think you’re trying to figure yourself out

We used to do everything together
We used to say we’d be with each other forever
Now you don’t say it
But now I mean it
Now you’re working
And now I’m working
And now you’re growing
And now I can’t keep up
Track Name: I Was Unseen
I was unseen
And completely free
Yet shifting to green
Indifferent to hues
Dressed in envious bruise
Where in my mind it was truth
That your love for me grew

Oh, how you adored and romanced me
It felt less like falling, and more like dancing
Something slow and everlasting
Whatever that means
And I couldn’t explain how I’m not the same
And I could not explain how I’m not the same

You came across
As I suffered a loss
That I wore as an albatross
And I could not trace
The path that put me in this place
Was it the look in your face
Or your impeccable grace
When we did gravitate
When we couldn’t help but stay

Because all
I can recall
Is a rush to a stall
Missing faithful eyes
With me at all times
It’s so easy to think
As your soul proceeds

And I’ve
Never felt as alive
As when you were mine
Or anything else before
I was yours
Track Name: (A Little More) Everyday
I wait for you at Murray
And I wait for your train
Later, when you leave, I’ll start to worry
I feel that way everyday

Often I’m restless and resigned
To mild panic, and in vein
I remind myself that you and I
Are a bit closer everyday

I think of our separation
The strain of so much distance
This was what I wanted
Nowadays, I find it isn’t
You’ll head south in the evening
Take some of me with you as you’re leaving

I don’t quite know why I do
And I can’t quite explain
But it’s true that I miss and love you
A little more everyday
Track Name: Summer '15 (I)
I’ve got work off next week
We’ll go see Love & Mercy
That biopic about Brian Wilson
We’ll get brunch at Village Inn
Our waiter won’t be any good
And the food will cost more than it should
But we’ll get two slices of pie for free
We’ll take one to my grandma up at the university

When we’re away from each other
We’ll send messages to one another
Whether we’re out during the day, or working at night
Just to let us both know that we’re fine

We’ve got friends from all over
Kristina’s visiting, and we both know her
You probably talk to her more than I do
If you’re excited to meet her, than I’ll be too
But for the most part we stay inside
We fall asleep for a little while
Waking up to you always feels right
Then we wonder why there’s so little time

I could do this
Even when the newness
Gradually subsides
While the summer dies
As August ends
And you make new friends
That’s when everything starts
To fall apart
But I want to write you records
As sonic love letters
I’ve been holding out
But you can count on me now

I’m waiting on the platform
I’m waiting for you
And I’m hoping you’ll pull
Into the station at any moment

Don’t leave me here
By myself
Don’t leave me here
With myself
Track Name: Whirlwind
Weightless and numb
Breathless and stunned
Ready to be taken in the event of a whirlwind
What have you done?

Regretful and self-loathing
Other sensations worth noting
I don’t want you to hurt, but I do want you to hurt
You might be sorry, but I sure won’t be

You’re supposed to be here
You’re supposed to keep me tethered
You’re supposed to tell me everything will be fine
You’re supposed to make things better
Track Name: Us in Reverse
I know you were waiting
I didn’t think it would take me
So long to come around

But I am, I am so ready
Can we try again, will you, will you let me?

You tell me it’s not gonna happen
I cannot even fathom
That you are nowhere to be found

I ask over and over until I’m shouting
I ask quietly, I ask again, I ask loudly

I’ve almost said enough, I’ve nearly
Gotten you to really hear me
Why wouldn’t I want to keep making sound?

I’m watching us in reverse
We are, we are, we are better than this
I can’t look away when it gets worse
We are, we are, we are better than this
Track Name: Hope
I hope you find happiness, if it must be elsewhere
I hope you get what you give
I hope you live the life you deserve
I hope I never have to hear of it

You’re changing
So you phase me
Out of your life, and I am not
Who you want

I hope you can forgive my mistakes
I hope you can forget the things I’ve done
I hope you take my efforts to your heart
I hope I can keep a bit of your love

I act too late
When I ask you to stay
Everyone else, they are not
Who I want

I hope you change your mind
I hope you find that I was a missing piece
I hope you hear from God that I’m good
I hope I can take you back with ease

You won’t wait
I won’t wait
Your heart is worn thin
I can’t take thinking about who you’re with
These versions of us
We’ve become are not
Who we want
Track Name: Thank You
Thank you for that first meeting outside my building
Thank you for that first kiss
Thank you for the long distance heartache
Thank you for giving me someone to miss

Thank you for turning us into insignificant others
Thank you for keeping our love while you were at bay
Thank you for allowing me your attention and effort
Thank you for taking that all away

Thank you for choosing your values over me
Thank you for all of your time
Thank you for letting me kill myself over you
Thank you for bringing me back to life
Track Name: Rich
You say those moments in Rich Hall
They were your favorite moments of all
Pushing the couches together
Saying we would be like this forever

Those were our best days

You say dancing to “Our Song”
Watching fireworks from the complex lawn
Sleeping in my twin bed at night
Even though the space was tight

You say that waiting in the living room
While I had Ethics in the afternoon
Until I walked home from Old Main
I’d come, we’d be silly, we’d be in love and be in insane

And I still believe in them
I wish that you could believe in them again
Track Name: Violet and Elijah