Stay Young, Stay Young

by The Split Infinitives

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released May 30, 2012

The Split Infinitives
Holden Martinson - vocals, guitars, bass, keys, brass, strings, sampling, loops, mixing, mastering



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The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: Widow Walk
It looks like a widow walk
An overview for you and I to talk
As the spinning Earth sets mountains to block
Dip our toes over wooden boards of the dock

Well, now I'm jumping and thinking
I'm good at pushing up from sinking
As a dive digs to a deepening
Vertigo flowing-now-rising feeling

Aren't you coming
Track Name: Public Relations
We'll start at the bottom
When I turned shaking, crowded rafters into a faint hum
As I bury myself in restlessness
I'll try and make the best of this

As parents watch their daughters and sons
They're marching in pairs going one by one

What am I doing here
Fake along with the crowd and cheer
Together, alone
To each his and every own

Temper a look on my face
Pleasant enough to get me away from my place
I can make this something else
And I turn

As I turn around
This is where my scattered thoughts are found
Track Name: Center Lights
You look like you've seen a ghost
The one that you love the most
With your face painted white
Standing in the center lights

I look like I've seen a ghost
The one that I love the most
My face is painted red
Staring ahead at you instead

It's better than the center lights
Track Name: Heart
What a tragedy beheld my soul
Angel face, white dress make you glow
Smiling, rosy cheeks
Looking straight, breaking feet

Oh, I'm sold
On your lustrous tone
With my caterpillar legs
Branching the cracks where it bled

Split second hellos
With my draw extended slow
At the sight of you, the look on my face
Taken me out of my place

Burn out right
Stillness is filling
The most silent kind
Gracefully thrilling

Keep you in a heart and frame
Promise it'll be the same
Track Name: In Open Fields
Here, see that mercury is rising
In glass
Simply the sign of realizing
Like brass
Chiming timeless melodies throughout the yard with
Perfect resonance
Accelerating as April and May come a chargin'
At once

The sun is coming fast
But be a fool to think it will last
The summer will take us in
At the sight of children runnin'
In open fields
With no need to dream
Shaking in our sleeves
With no need to breathe

Here, see that bluebird's song
It rings
With our fortune and fate that waited on
Under wing
Fires raging high with us that commemorate
That soon
The early hours will be up to take its place
Track Name: Sundown
Let's go far
Accept who we really are
Doesn't even mean anything
Can't even speak sensibly

Let's forget detuned guitars
Or talking about supernovas and stars
Until sunrise in your eyes
Say goodbye to new moons in blue

I can dig through distortion
It's just a small contortion

Sometimes I wish I knew what I was saying
Sometimes the meaning comes faded
But it's better than that

Find I'm surprised

Surprised, surprised
Sometimes words aren't enough
They just don't mean anything
Sometimes they're just enough
Sometimes they don't make sense
They're just dissonance
But you do the best
It takes care of the rest
Track Name: Vampire Panic
Vampire panic's a devil now
We can fly under an evening shroud

Save your light, sew your stories
Streets are burning, lit by lamps and signs
Streets are burning, lamps are dying

And halos are burning under a quiet asunder

My sanity is fading quick
Unraveling with a tinge of a sick
To a beggar's best, still can't pick
A beggar's best doesn't mean they can pick

When did I just say
Glimpses there flashes forward
With that his back torn

From a glow in the rounding
Daylight spilling out of fountains
The Earth's dreams, it's so astounding
Track Name: Bad Light/Rise
I know you've got to be somewhere
With your ground game in the air
That comes with the autumn dawn
And it turns a bad light on

That passes through the center
I was told it was for the better
That it will rise

Simple interests are everything
It fails my private reckoning
Where the crescent fades to anew
My thoughts have not forgotten you
Track Name: Once Again/Stay Young
Couldn't this be different circumstances
Meet each other at small dances
Instead of the ones they seem to do
Try once again

All my flaws are just that
There's no attack
I swear it's true
That's all I remember from them
That's all I remember from then

And now, disjointed, I'll fade into the dark
And dream back to Salt Lake City parks
Jumping in and out of shivering skeletons
I'll shake them when I see you once again

Until then, stay young