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Album number six, and my broadest "rock record."


released June 24, 2014

Holden Martinson: vocals, guitars, bass, drums, programming, piano, mixing, production, songwriting



all rights reserved


The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: North
Driving north, east of Evanston
Is someone else’s idea of where heaven is
It’s a half a day across state lines
But I know I’m making great time

I’m not looking to pick a fight
But you’ve got a lot of nerve
To be asking me to set things right
Just as sensitive as you always were

I’ve been thinking of what I would confess
To you and your expectant expression on your doorstep
I suppose it would not be anything not already transferred
By red beams that receive and trade every word

But I’m mixing up odds and ends
And I can’t even begin to pretend
That I wouldn’t only speak to the wood and frame
Like the open air calling out all the same
Track Name: Breathe Easy
Breathe easy, my love
Stay with me this once
This once
I’m mystified, and stunned
And I don’t what I’ve done
Or what you’ve done

But somehow it just happens
In the most unexpected fashion
Now you’re gone for real
I was hoping for something more ideal
I’ve wrote it all out, albeit illegibly
But I will do my best to explain everything
If you see it within me
Breathe easy

You count your moments to sleep
I count the moments I can keep
Because that’s all I’ll keep
I don’t know if I will
See you after, still
But now, you’re so still

And I don’t know what you’re doing here

And it’s hard to forget it
Each time my heart’s electric
And I don’t know what I’m doing
Letting you run yourself through me
I’ve been failed by my violet notes
But I swear I’m coming close
To really
Learning to breathe easy
Track Name: You Were Built Underneath Wild Vines
You came in through the air
You were alive on a mirror
We made plans, we were prepared
Until you disappeared

Because I was just a lost cause
Or so you thought, I better not
I can find ways to vastly improve
But what did a lost love have to do with you

I know I heard you speaking
You were singing through glass
I thought you could see me
But you’ve since turned your back
You saw a specter come from behind
And it scared you away
I could not take it off your mind
Now you’ve taken its place

You found me out one night
And you sat by my side
I looked into your eyes
For the first and last time
It was the one thing
That we both saw coming
But I was disappointed
That I could not avoid it

You really stole my heart, Clementine
It’s such a shame you were built underneath wild vines
Track Name: A Fist Still Fit On the Edges
There was a beating in my chest
Trying to get out of me, and into your hands
There was a fist still fit on the edges
I would never have asked you to understand
It’s all a foreign story with a vacant plot
With trite dialogue, but a lot of spirit
A lot of promise, and even more reason to fail
But there’s a bloodline, and I knew you’d fear it

Won’t you stare at me that way
Won’t you listen when I say
I was not playing the game
It’s all a disastrous blur
It’s all a sweeping turn
One I surely deserved

You look as if you’ve found a true companion
That must be what real life looks like
What’s your secret? You can let me know
Everything looks fine, but I’m sure it takes a while
To appear like an upstanding person
To be a real diamond without unwinding
You’ve been doing this every day
It would be a lie if I said I thought you didn’t mind it

I’ve been stumbling in the same haze
And a spectrum of colored rays
You were there with me
And you were everything

But you fell out of the window
You’re still dropping, or so I’ve been told

All the cowardice you must’ve seen
Judging that you are so gone
I’m not asking you to come around
I figured I’d be worth forgetting
After the poor display I put on
But what a quaint and precious town
The souvenirs of you I keep
Are better than nothing at all
Since I don’t know where you are anyhow
I remember falling asleep
Smiling to the thought
“You won’t fail me now”

I’m sure I’ll get past
And I can look back and laugh
That it’s just a funny
Barely-remembered thing
What was I on about then?
That was worth the sleepless nights spent?
Were you as worthwhile as you seemed
In time, it will be harder to believe
If I need someone to make me hurt aloud
You won’t fail me now