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This is a concept record. It's not my story. It's just a story that revolves around ideas I've been thinking about lately.

I'm just saying... I got away with this. It's awesome, totally genius.


released February 25, 2013

Holden Martinson - vocals, pianos, organs, mallets, percussion, flutes, brass, synthesizers, strings, guitars, bells, choruses, sampling, loops, production, mixing, mastering



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The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: Movement in Wake
Do I see the light of heaven
Up above
Or am I staring at the inferno
Am I trapped in between
As my brothers and sons
Or have I
Have I met my reaping from the seeds
I did sow
Track Name: Slow Soul
I send my many thanks
To the masters of good will and restraint
Well they rehearse
Such terrible verse
They don't scream or curse
But they know how to assume the worst

It frightens my slow soul
To light a pire, and leaving coals
To chill the bones of the wicked

I was not a slave
Just taught to behave in a certain way
But I've learned changes that became
The same thing every day

My slow soul
Is on compressed coal
Track Name: Prayer #1
I've got so much to show for
To make me the child you adore
Oh, mother, Earth mother
Mother doesn't love you the way I do
Father, I don't mean to bother
But I've begun to teeter and totter.
I've been smothered, and I can stutter
These are only gifts for you

You know what is on mine
You know what there is to find
Whether I'll feel you on my ear
Whether I'll make you disappear

Take me as I am
I'm doing the best that I can
If good is not enough
I can only vie so much for your love
With blood on my hands
They're no nails, but understand
If good is not enough
I can only vie so much for your love
Track Name: Movement in Grace
Gently ease me off my knees
I'm not the kind of boy that needs to be apeased
Press your palm into mine
Lift me as our fingers intertwine
In line
In sullied mind
Track Name: The Men and the Mountains
Am I man who has met many mountains
Or do I stand still
Do I drown in parted waters
At someone else's will

Am I wrong to assume
That golden serpents bear bad fruit
That acts of greatness
Can never be weightless

And even when angels had woken
I strain to hear if a single word is spoken
This weight is too much
I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't too much
To handle
This is too much to handle
From on high
Track Name: Sinner
I am a sinner who knows his way
I am your child who has lost his place

I can't talk now
But I won't walk out

So hear me
So clearly

You are the hands that will hold my fears
You are the son, and the moon, and the seer

If it be true
Send a sign soon

If you be greater than man
Maybe I can
Track Name: Movement in Wisdom
Track Name: Prayer #2
What started as a kiss on the forehead
Led me to putting you in my life instead

And I believe
If I am him, and he is me
There's nothing I can't see
Or am I blind
Enough that I get left behind

I send my many thanks
To every bright spot of every day
No matter what I do or what I say
You love me either way

And I pray for success and love
And that my words reach high up
Track Name: Movement in Patience
Track Name: Our Father
Our father loves and he lives
For all that he takes and gives
It is what it is
And it is all his

Our father lets the innocent suffer
With the welfare of the wicked as a buffer
All is fair in his love and our war
A sensible man is battled and torn

And I have lost the light
What is wrong and what is right

There will be a new life for me
I don't know where it will lead
But as far as I can see
it is where I need to be
Track Name: In Darkness
Track Name: Movement in Truth
If there is no father or mother in the sky
Or brother to save my kind
Then there is still something bigger than me
Something I'll probably never see
Maybe what my brother meant
Was loving and to go and succeed my recompense
To go hence
At no one else's expense
Track Name: Brother
I have angels
That stole me from my tomb
I walk once more
I glow with newness
I grow from my roots
I hear the score of victorious horns

If a brother meets a brother
To save one from the other
I am reborn

And I go to rest
And I have been so blessed
Track Name: Movement in Rest