by The Split Infinitives

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I don't think I'm going to write anything like this for a long time.

Or anything for a while. I'm happy with this for now.


released February 7, 2014

Holden Martinson: vocals, guitars, bass, strings, keys, drums, percussion, mallets, brass, woodwinds, songwriting, production, mixing, mastering, sampling, looping



all rights reserved


The Split Infinitives Salt Lake City, Utah

Project founded by Holden Martinson and Brian Adkins in 2008. Genre shifts from album to album.

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Track Name: Winter Coat
I’m clothed up to my chin
And no one else is outside
I can’t find anyone else held together
By a winter coat like mine
I guess they’re all afraid of the wind
Gnawing on their exposed skin
I’m not as nervous of the weather
It’s this bad every year in Logan

The new year has come at last
And it’s frigid enough to dance
And wait for the best parts to come
I’m going to look around for once
Love everything I can touch
And wait for the best parts to come

My old friends are gone
And my former routes are hidden
Under the discolored ice
My neighbors are sick or showing symptoms
And I’ve got something coming on
From a tearing throat and rigid cough
But by next week I’ll be all right
Stepping across the winter January brought

Now, I’ll keep to the afternoon
Watching old Saturday morning cartoons
And wait for the best parts to come
Later in the evening, alone in my room
I’ll listen to songs by idols fallen too soon
And wait for the best parts to come
Track Name: Hallmarks
Day one, I would hate to be late
Fumbling with directions, I hesitate
This campus needs an atlas
Each building needs a landmark no one could miss

I'm a lot less bigger than I thought I would prove
Hello, how are you? I'm new and confused
I don't mean to stick out, but could you tell me how
To find my lecture, because it's starting now

I just need to get this right once

I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for
Track Name: Rocket Race
I placed last
In a rocket race that flew by real fast
I've been told time and again
It's us versus them

Son, you better shape up or ship out
Tell us what you're made of or get out

Out of the fire and into the furnace
Makes me nervous

I'm no match
You can be certain of that
Track Name: Turn Around
The week that I met my dear
Under snowfall, under white lips
You were tearing yourselves apart
And I didn't know who to revere
Should I take a wrong step, should I slip
I seem to be in someone else arms

So please, please, please fix us
And I say, "Well, I really wouldn't want to get mixed up,
Saying who's justified
Telling you who's out of line
I just don't have the time"

What kind of conflict or joy
Immediately demands my employ

I can't help it if I'm out swinging and spinning
When these affections are worth winning

Otherwise, I wouldn't turn around on you
Track Name: Trains Are Running Through Cheyenne
I can't beat the blows
Of those copper tones
Rushing along the tracks
But they help you relax
From somewhere in Wyoming
To wherever they're going
They're here when they are
Heading off car by car

Without fail
The sound of smoke trails
Never grow stale
In its own way

As you fall asleep
I'll catch you quickly
You can believe me
You can believe in me

If you're shaking
Under your blankets
I'll stay awake
And keep you safest
Track Name: Being There
Tonight I'm going westward
All of those strangers will soon learn
That I'm made of gold
That will be good for keeping around as they grow old

At the edge of a crowd
Straining with laughter out loud
Looking around, and around, and around
Excepting to be found

There's no blame or shame in myself
So, I guess it's okay to take it for someone else

And you look like a fool
With no chance of renewal

I seem unfair
Being there
When all I do is stare
Track Name: Control
Late night walking
With someone talking
In complementary meters
As I move my legs until my knees hurt

I've got to be home soon
If I can stop wandering like a loon
Flying to the beat and the tune
Of Matt Berninger's subdued croon

Stumbling around in the dark
Passing out at the top of a slide in the park

Knowing I ought to be going
Before my blood stops flowing

With the summer at its coldest
And my shivering lamp-lit shape at its oldest

If I'm feeling so bold
What else is there to do with so much control?
Track Name: On Main
On main, away from the rain
I would like to say I was here when it came

At night, I find the time to resign
These old valentines from my mind

My wish isn't to seem suspicious
To the listless, unseen visages forwarded by marching pistons

I'm a great big riddle in the middle of a little town
Isn't the the real riddle all around

I seem to breathing a sleeping dream
I seem to be sleeping a breathing dream
Track Name: Far From Virginia
I thought I would stay
In the same place always
But now I'm far from Virginia, many years later
I didn't believe I would be
Coasting on the highway with my friends in the backseat
While lit up until we're in Decatur

The next little while
Better give me a smile
In the next few hundred miles

The more we drive
The more I find
I like the idea of staying lost
Discovering gems in rural backdrops
Without a definite stop
But through the country we continue to cross

You think you're so funny as you speak
I'd call you out if I wasn't dying at the wheel
Red-faced and convulsing
Our future in full swing

Don't you turn around on me

Eyes closed, huddled with someone's hair in my teeth
Tired and fuming, sitting up I lean
Into the window as the city invites us in
One building at a time, but it doesn't
Resemble the memories or negatives
I thought I had expertly collected

Don't you turn on me
Track Name: Dancer
Through the rafters
My two eyes fixate on one
Girl who has mastered
Each step that she must

I call in the hopes she'll answer
But that doesn't interrupt
Then comes some bastard
Who comes and lifts you up
It shouldn't matter
But it doesn't end the race my heart has run

I want the last word
Before I clean the pumped blood off my cuff
So, dancer
Could I ever be enough?

Don't let me think
Let me know:
Could I good enough?
Track Name: New Year's Day
Let's go out in style
It's not going to be like this for a while

I'm still stuck in the same clothes
Living off of another person's dime, living in someone else's home
I made a big deal of the same holidays
I made the best of a warm, solid place

But happy birthday to our recorded marathon around the sun
Orbit until the air has left our lungs, and our lungs have been eaten
But we'll meet up in another twelve months, since we love each other so much
Killing each other over paper, until we're vapor that can't get enough
Permitting, in that time, we don't disappear
We'll resolve to try again another year

I know the day is gonna come
Where I'm going to miss the taste on my tongue
Of knowing anything can be won
Of staying young